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Citizen Developers are coming. Will they do it all?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Revolutionizing Sports Tech: How Citizen Developers Will Shake Up the Industry! But is this true? what do you think?

What are Citizen developers? One answer...individuals who create software applications for personal or business use without formal training in software development. They use low-code or no-code development platforms to create applications quickly and easily, often with the help of drag-and-drop interfaces.

“Who Needs a Degree? Meet Citizen Developers, the Rebels of the Tech World Who Build Apps with the Help of Drag-and-Drop Tools and Pre-Made Templates!”

Citizen developers are likely to have a significant impact in Sports Tech in several ways:

  1. Quickly getting ideas to concept - Citizen developers can create applications quickly and easily, which can help sports organizations to develop solutions faster and more efficiently than traditional software development methods , this is especially valuable in situations where there is a need for rapid prototyping or quick turnaround times for new solutions.

  2. Customizing for a particular use case - Sports organizations often have unique requirements for software solutions & specialized user case , citizen developers can create customized solutions that meet these specific needs , quickly! Citizen developers can work closely with league administrators, coaches, athletes, and other stakeholders to develop solutions that address their specific requirements and get to an MVP quickly.

  3. Low Cost? Or Cost Effective? Citizen developers can create solutions at a lower cost than traditional software development methods, as they do not require extensive coding knowledge or the use of expensive development tools. This can be especially valuable for smaller sports organizations that may have limited budgets for technology investments.

  4. Iterating & Innovating. - Citizen developers can bring new perspectives and ideas to the sports tech industry, as they may not be limited by traditional software development approaches, citizen developers can bring fresh thinking and innovative ideas that can help sports organizations to develop new solutions and push the boundaries of what is possible.

But is there a Catch? Well in our opinion , yes and no. There are a few things to watch for in any development project. First ,the big one , Quality Control. Without formal training in software development, citizen developers may not have the same level of expertise in coding and software design, which could lead to quality control issues. Closely followed by Security Concerns. The use of citizen developers may raise security concerns, as these individuals may not have the same level of knowledge or experience in data security as professional software developers but this of course may be mitigated by the selection of a No or Low Code Platform, the checks done, and the implementation of a good set of security practices. The last are to consider... Integration....Citizen developers may create applications that are not fully compatible with existing software systems, which can create integration challenges and lead to additional costs and delays.

So what to think... is it Move Over Silicon Valley, Citizen Developers Are Here to Save the Day (and Your Wallet)! or Sports Organizations Buckle Up and Get Ready for a Wild Ride of Innovation, Potential Mishaps, and Hilarious Memes! We think it may be a little of both and an area worth watching for sure & perhaps trialing with a non critical project to dip a toe in the water.

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