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Let us help you with your Sports Tech needs

Our Expertise

Cloud Based Apps 

We leverage the latest cloud platforms and development tools to design, build and launch mobile, desktop and web apps.  Starting with your  project outline we can move straight to business and technical requirement's , wireframes, prototyping and staged interative releases. 

API Development & Web Hooks

A number of our projects include either wiring up a new front end module to an existing backend service. or building both or interfacing to current or new 3rd party micro-services and web apps.  In many cases, the use of standardized web services modules help to extend the functionality of the core application and allow greater speed to market without having to code all the functionality from scratch.  

Mobile First Designs

Users on mobile or web apps are using multiple devices to access the app or the information so our designs typically  support a mobile-first philosophy to ensure the users experience on the device they choose is  what they would want.  

Full Technology & Project Support

We offer end to end project support from initial design services to development to developer training , support and ongoing maintenance or tech transition. Expertly navigating the tech landscape to deliver winning solutions that merge cutting-edge tools with deep domain knowledge.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our project teams have experience with a lot of platforms and tools some of which you may already be using in the Apps or platforms you have launched.  If not the team has lots of integration  experience using packaged tools like zapier or leveraging current or new Application Programming Interfaces to seamlessly integrate a new application or service module.

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