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About Us

When you bring together a set of passionate, tech savvy folks that have spent many years solving problems in the youth sports arena you see a little bit of magic.    

Our Story

In 2008 a youth sports league was formed in south Orange County, California. As the founders of the league wrestled with the challenges of preparing for a sports season and then launching a season for over 2000 players they saw the need for a number of packaged solutions to handle the operational aspects of the league from player registration to team formation to scheduling to payment to managing the player on-field experience.  As they tested and prototyped a series of building blocks to make the job of running the league easier they built a wealth of practical hands on experience in the sports tech space gaining insight into what works and what does not when looking at the various operational use cases.  The team has gone on to build and manage some of the most successful sports tech platforms in the industry, updating legacy platforms, extending them with additional functionality and enabling mobile applications for parts of these platforms that needed to have a fully mobile aware front-end.  

As in all cases in the tech world there are many tools for the job that may allow you to solve your problem. The advantage of having both a broad exposure to tech over the last 20 years coupled with deep operational domain experience in sports tech means the League Dynamics team can offer value to you and your team quickly both in terms of recommendations around tech building blocks and delivery  to the launch and release of new products or modules for your customers.  

Tech Experience. Merged with Domain Experience

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