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About Us

When you bring together a set of passionate, tech savvy folks that have spent many years solving problems in the tech sports arena you see a little bit of magic.    

Our Story

Learn about how our Practical Experience in Sports Tech Launched a Successful Career in Platform Building for multiple companies. 


If you're interested in a career in sports tech, it's important to have practical experience. That's exactly what the founders of a youth sports league in Orange County, California discovered when they were preparing for a season for over 2000 players in 2008.

As they struggled with the challenges of managing such a large league, they realized they needed packaged solutions to handle player registration, team formation, scheduling, payment, and more. So they began prototyping solutions and gained a wealth of practical hands-on experience in the sports tech space.

Their success in managing the youth sports league led them to build and manage some of the most successful sports tech platforms in the industry. They even updated legacy platforms, extended them with additional functionality, and created mobile applications for parts that needed a fully mobile-aware front-end.

So if you're looking to break into the sports tech industry or have a current project that you need help with, just reach out and schedule a free consultation we would love to connect!

 "Expertly navigating the tech landscape to deliver winning solutions that merge cutting-edge tools with deep domain knowledge"

In the world of tech, there are more tools than you can shake a stick at. But fear not, because our team has both broad exposure to tech over the last 20 years and deep operational domain experience in sports tech.

That means we can offer you value quicker than a cheetah on Red Bull. Whether you need recommendations on tech building blocks or help with launching new products or modules for your customers, we've got your back like a trusty sports bra.

With the League Dynamics team on your side, you'll be winning so much, you'll get tired of winning. So don't delay, call us today and get ready to dominate the sports tech world like a boss! 

Powering your vision with the perfect blend of tech and domain expertise

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